Regrow You Hair Permanently & Naturally

Like good health and youth, most of us take our locks for granted - until they are gone. For many people, hair transplant can help bring back what looks like a full - or at least a fuller - hair head.

If thinning or balding on the top bothers you, the process can be a way to feel more confident about your look. But first, talk to your doctor about what you can expect during and after surgery.

Excessive hair loss is one of the most common dermatology conditions, it affects both men and women. However, it can be a debilitating problem, which often causes anxiety and affects self-esteem especially women.

  • It can be caused by physical conditions like scalp infection (fungal / bacterial infection, seborrhea (dandruff), lice).
  • Stress, Prolonged illness, Smoking, Poor Nutrition.
  • Post Pregnancy, Hormonal imbalance.
  • Hair Trauma, such as tight hair bands, Heavy helmets, Braids, Hair dryer.
  • Anemia (Lower Hemoglobin).
  • Genetic / Hereditary causes Androgenetic Alopecia.
  • Thyroid Malfunction, Diabetes.
  • Some Medications.

At illume Skin & Hair Clinics, we offer you a comprehensive treatment solution for your hair loss i.e. Hair Transplant. It’s a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair. We use latest and world’s most advance hair and scalp diagnosis tool, that is used and trusted by Dermatologists across globe.

Hair analyzer system which helps to determine the cause of hair loss and the degree of damage to hair. According to the results obtained, a treatment will be tailored to treat the problem and address the root cause. It is important to select a treatment that will address your particular needs directly and provide an effective solution.

General Questions

– Hair Transplant is advised in extreme stages of baldness, however PRP is advised in the early stages.

– Yes, with the Hair Transplant, hairline and the lost hair can be restored easily.

– Itching, pain, numbness and swelling are some of the common side effects of Hair Transplant, however their effect is temporary.

– iLLUME Skin and Hair Clinic is always keen at providing the best possible natural look by it’s best in class cosmetic and clinical procedures.